How can a teen get a learners permit and when can they drive?

At 15 ½ teens are eligible to receive a permit. A minor must complete a CA drivers education course and pass the written test at the DMV. To validate a minor’s permit they must complete one behind the wheel lesson and have your instructor sign the permit then you can start driving with a parent or guardian. Once you complete the required 6 hours and hold the permit for 6 months you are eligible to take the drive test at the DMV. 

Where is sweet sisters office/classroom location?

2977 Jefferson Street
Napa CA, 94558

Solano County students please call for special accommodations for office or classroom services.

Will Sweet Sisters take students on behind the wheel lesson that have zero driving experience?



Yes, we expect that all of our students are first time drivers.

Do I need to have my own insurance for a driving lesson?


No. Students are covered under Sweet Sisters insurance during all services.

Can a student request a driving instructor?


Yes, if the instructor services the city the student is scheduling in.

Are Parents/Guardians required to be present for the driving lesson?   

No it’s not necessary as long as the student has their permit and payment at the time of the lesson. Payment can also be arranged beforehand.

Are Sweet Sisters instructors licensed and certified? 

All instructors are licensed and certified by the DMV as well as federally background checked by the Department Of Justice.

Are any of your instructor’s bilingual? 

Yes. Limited availability.

Can I request a certain Sweet Sisters Mustang for my lesson?

Yes. We will do our best to fulfill that request. It will depend on the date and city of the appointment.

How can a student SCHEDULE a behind the wheel lesson and what is required for it?

Call the Sweet Sisters office at 707-226-5226 Please have a valid permit, driver’s license or special instructional permit and payment at the start of the lesson.

Where do I meet my driving instructor for the lesson?

Your instructor will pick you up at home, school, work or other desired location in most circumstances.

Can a student take all of thier required 6 hours in one day?

The DMV limits minors at 2 hours per day. Adults have no restrictions.

What does a student do if they lost their permit or it has expired?

For a lost permit, go to the DMV and resubmit the application. (Small fee may apply) For an expired permit, go to the DMV, resubmit application, pay fee and retake the written test.

is a student's time during the drivers training lesson one on one?

Yes, a student’s 2-hour lesson is your own time, just you and the Instructor. We do "Piggyback" students. An example of this is where the Instructor's previous student picks up the next student. The previous student is then driven to their drop-off location by the second student. "Piggybacking" in NO WAY interferes with your 2-hour lesson. However, it may cause a minor delay in your return time. If you do not wish to be "Piggybacked", please call our office to inquire about other options.

How can i pay?

Payment can be made to the instructor at the time of the service. Payment can also be made in office or over the phone. Please have cash, debit or credit or money order, NO Checks. ***$5 transaction fee for credit or debit payments Please keep in mind that a $50 late cancelation fee is charged if you fail to cancel a appointment with at least 24 hours notice. If you are unprepared for your appointment at the time of service, a late cancelation fee will be issued. Example; Lack of permit or expired Permit.   

Are you able to show me the DMV drive test route during my lesson?




No. We do not show the DMV drive test. However we will show you everything that is expected of you on the test.

Can a student use a sweet sisters Ford Mustang for the DMV drive test?

Yes, we do offer a DMV drive test service. We require the student take at least one behind the wheel lesson with Sweet Sisters accompanied with a road ready recommendation from the instructor.

I’m an adult that has zero driving experience, how many lesson will I need to get my license?

It’s hard to say without having any time behind the wheel with you. After your first lesson we will better understanding of your driving skills and be able to offer our professional opinion.