$120 1 1/2 private one on one

Vacaville, Fairfield, Suisun, American Canyon & Vallejo

All Driving lessons are tailored to each individual’s specific needs.  We under stand that driving lessons are not a requirement in order to get your license as an adult; however, we feel anyone can benefit from a little time behind the wheel with us. All our instructors are extremely patient and very capable in helping you feel comfortable behind the wheel.  We know that once you feel comfortable, making basic maneuvers will be much easier and with this come confidence. Weather this is your very first time ever driving or your looking for a refresher, we can help you. 

Here at Sweet Sisters we have help many adults who have lost their license for a medical condition or because of an accident. We have also help a wide range of drivers from all corners of the globe.  There are many regulations and limitations on driving in the US with an out of county license.  In order to drive with us you need to have any of the following:

                  •                Valid CA Drivers License

                  •                Valid CA Temporary Lic

                  •                Valid CA Leaners Permit

                  •                Valid CA special Instructional Permit

                  •                Valid International Lic

We cannot take anyone who has a license from another country that isn't an International Lic. We also are not able to take anyone who has a learners permit from another state.

We are more then happy to help you with any questions as you go through this process. 


Here are some of topics covered during a lesson:

                  •                Seat, hand and feet positions

                  •                Seatbelt, mirrors and signals

                  •                Instruments, gears, horns and lights

                  •                How to scan the road

                  •                Parking along curbs/parking spots/ parallel

                  •                Stoping and parking on hills

                  •                Right turns and left turns

                  •                Driving in traffic

                  •                Defensive driving

                  •                Right of ways at intersection

                  •                How to identify hazards in your blind spots

                  •                Lane changes

                  •                U turns/ 3 point turns

                  •                Downtown traffic and one way streets

                  •                Freeway driving, merging on and off

                  •                Refueling

                  •                Adverse weather

                  •                Mountain driving

                  •                Nighttime driving


This and any requested practice on a particular area is definitely something we are more then happy to assist you with.   We are also offer safety mapping service.  We will help with finding safe and easier routes for you to take as well as suggested times to make your driving experiences more enjoyable.