Teen Behind The Wheel Lesson

Sweet Sisters Driving School takes pride in teaching the practice of safe and defensive driving to all of our students. We recognize that as a nation our teen drivers are 4 times more likely to be in a car accident then any other age group. Our main focus is safe driving techniques, rules of the road, knowing your car, parking, braking and turns, roadway conditions and sharing the road.

All of our cars are Ford Mustangs that are equipped with the highest safety standards including duel passenger brake systems to ensure the instructor maintains control at all times. Free pick-up and drop off at school and home or desired location.

Adult Behind The Wheel Lesson

No matter if you are 18 or 80+, for some adults getting behind the wheel isn't as easy as it sounds. Maybe its time for a change, don't let feat, anxiety or nervousness delay or present you from independence. When it's time to drive call Sweet Sisters. We have assisted countless first time adult drivers of all ages, international drivers as well as senior drivers. We provide a comfortable and private lesson tailored for each person's individual needs.

Senior Driving Refresher Session

Let Sweet Sisters help you maintain your driving independence in a one on one private driving refresher session. Are you preparing for your DMV license renewal? We are able to tailor a session for ones specific needs while enhancing ones driving skills and help eliminate bad driving habits. We will perform safety mapping of the driver's routine routes and help reinforce the often over looked practices for defensive driving. During the session we will objectively evaluate the drivers skills, abilities and provide honest constructive feedback.